Wednesday 20 August 2014

A Beginner's Guide to Circumnavigating the Globe

Great circle route around the world starting from Budapest
and passing through China, Oceania and South America
In a previous post, I put together an itinerary to go round the world in thirty-seven days. The itinerary was then successfully implemented in a virtual world tour lasting from the 8th April to the 15th May 2013.

I received some criticism, however, for my very “loose” interpretation of the notion of going around the world. My world tour could be considered a circumnavigation of the earth only in one sense: namely, that I arrived back to my starting point after crossing every line of longitude of the planet. It did not fulfil two other criteria that one may expect of a circumnavigation: First, the length of the route did not add up to the circumference of the earth (the whole journey covered around 34.000 km as opposed to 40.000 km, the approximate length of the equator). Second, I came nowhere close to reaching the antipode, i.e. the exact opposite point of my starting place at the other side of the earth; in my case, this would have been in the Southern Pacific, but I did not even leave the northern hemisphere during my journey.